• "Life isn't about finding yourself,



    life is about creating yourself."


    George Bernard Shaw

  • Hi,

    I'm Mojca, a Performance coach and NLP Practitioner and I'm passionate about helping people transform themselves and their lives.


    What I'm best at is aligning people with their purpose and helping them change their mindset so they can create a bigger life for themselves - in their career, relationships and everywhere else.


    Because once you're living on purpose, things start to fall into place.


    I love working with passionate people like you, who want more from life and do not subscribe to the one-size-fits-all approach. I use powerful tools to help you get clear and unstuck, so you dare to create your perfectly imperfect life, on your terms.


    This website is the window into my world where you can find more about me and get in touch to see how we can work together.


    If you're not feeling fully satisfied with your life, you're probably not aware of just how much you're capable of. Unaware that there's a real Rockstar, a power inside of you, which can really help you shine, and feel confident, aligned, and fulfilled.


    One of the things I can do is help you get in touch with that energy inside you so you can start living from that awesome place.


    You will be able to create a life you've secretly imagined for yourself but over time lost hope it's possible. And I really want that for you!

    • Inner strength
    • Confidence
    • A sense of direction
    • Love for life and all the adventures it brings
    • Recognition and rewards that come with living a full life


    You may have felt shy, lacking confidence and belief that you can do it.


    * Land that dream job

    * Have an amazing intimate relationship where you're heard and loved and can really be yourself

    * Feel a sense of direction in life

    * Declare to the world that you're not going to settle for a life that everyone seems to expect for you, but will instead go off on an adventure that fills your heart with joy


    Yes, so what if you're approaching forties and have no plans for a family. This is YOUR life.


    But how do you explain to people that you have a different idea for your life and make sure you're understood? And how do you know it will be the right choice? How do you know you can pull it off?


    In working with me, you will:

    • get to understand yourself better and recognise the potential you're carrying inside you
    • get in touch with your Inner Strength and Courage which will help you live more in line with your values
    • learn to claim your personal power and be more assertive - personally and in the work place
    • start creating your life, rather than letting it happen to you 

    We are ultimately creating everything - our misery and our successes, the choice is fully in our hands (or rather our minds). By accepting full responsibility for your life, you recognise that YOU are in the driver's seat, and you get to claim all the credit for the awesome person that you are and the fantastic results you create.


    That is true empowered living.



    I publish a monthly Newsletter with updates on what I'm learning and creating, plus tools and tips you can use in your own life to support your growth. It's like a fertiliser for your positive beliefs garden. Sign up below and you'll receive the very next one!

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  • What some of my clients have said

    "Mojca coached me for 6 sessions between February – May 2018. I found this an incredibly worthwhile experience. Our sessions helped me reflect on areas in my life where I wanted to find direction. We worked on setting goals in my career and creative side. As a result, the combination of sessions and independent tasks outside the 1-2-1 have given me the confidence to apply for a new role. I was lucky enough to be invited to interview for the role and I am currently waiting to hear the outcome. Regardless of the outcome, I feel like I have achieved success in an area that was causing me a great deal of discontent.
    I am so very happy with the coaching experience. The guidance, support and wellbeing that Mojca provided really helped me find happy again 😊 "

    - Corrie, UK

    [added later: Corrie landed that job! Yay!]



    "I signed up for coaching with Mojca because I needed someone to inspire and encourage me to grow into the person I wanted to become. I wanted to be able to flourish in my studies, create a professional CV and carry out presentations, without self-defeating behaviours and negative self-talk taking over.

    I found her very knowledgeable, warm, understanding and able to help me come up with the solutions for my issues. I benefited from each session, and had clarity and specific goals to work on.

    All my sessions were big improvements where I always took away a new part of who I have become. As a result of our coaching, I now prioritise, plan and carry out jobs I have committed to doing, I can present to others calmer, completing essays with a direct timeline and plan.
    I am very happy now with my life priorities as I work through things and are ticking them off. The achievements I have made so far are phenomenal and I am truly thankful to my coach for all her input and encouragement.

    Coaching has opened doors for me that were closed before and it has enabled me to move to the next dimension, it has been my ticket into a future of hope and happiness. The process of coaching was cooperative, non-judgemental and clear with a good checking in of the last session.
    I would recommend Mojca to anyone because she has the warmth, compassion, ability, knowledge and skills to work on all levels to meet individuals where they are and to motivate, encourage and inspire. Professionals who are wanting to lead, grow and develop their lives and careers would benefit richly. "

    - Beverley, UK

  • ASK AWAY! 

    If you have any questions about my work , I'd love to hear them.

    If you're interested in working with me, check out how to here and let's find out if we're a perfect fit ! Get in touch for a free clarity consultation.


    London, United Kingdom

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