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Voice Dialogue

Get to know the voices within you and reclaim your authentic power

Get in touch with specific parts of you and enhance your

self-awareness, self-image and a sense of balance.

Voice Dialogue involves speaking to the different parts of you that are coming up in relation to any particular situation or area of your life. The selves are individual to you, but some are also common to many - such as the Inner Critic, Inner Perfectionist, the Pusher, the People-Pleaser, and the list goes on.

There may be a conflict between these parts which could be causing you a great deal of discomfort and stress, as well as putting your relationships and personal well-being at risk. Through voice dialogue, we aim to release the tension inherent in that conflict, so that you can experience more:

  • inner peace
  • control
  • clarity 
  • centredness
  • life balance

"I found working with Mojca a transformative experience. I have worked with my inner critics before during therapy, and during my coaching training, as well as reading many self-development books over the years, but this experience with Mojca was something different. "

- Lynne, UK

The way the sessions unfold depends on the client and what is going on for them, but typically we will speak to 3 or 4 selves in each session. It can feel like "a massage of the psyche" as I've been told by a client before!

Packages consist of a number of 90min 1-to-1 sessions over an agreed period of time. It is up to you how frequently you wish to schedule the sessions, as long as they fall within the agreed time period.

Sessions take place via Skype or face-to-face (in London, UK).

  • 'Meet your selves' session | 90min | Email follow-up

One-off session for you to experience the energy of a set of selves, and hear what specific parts of you have to say. This in itself can be very healing. In this session you can tackle a particular issue that may be present in your life, and you'll get a taste of what voice dialogue is.

  • 2-month Package | 4x 90min | 2 months

Learn the principles, meet your primary selves, and explore some of the disowned selves based on what is going on in your life, to facilitate more inner peace and balance.

  • 3-month Package | 6x 90min | 3 months

As above + explore more of the primary and disowned selves. Applying the knowledge and enhanced perspective gained by the voice dialogue work to improve your relationships, communication, self-image and living true to your (whole) self.

  • 4-month Package| 8x 90min | 4 months

As above + deeper exploration into the disowned material. Deepen the understanding of yourself and your knee-jerk reactions and become more in charge of your response to any situation. Reclaim your authentic power and live a more fulfilled and happier life.

"Mojca's skilful, intuitive way of working shines a light on these parts of us, bringing healing, growth and transformation. I cannot recommend her work enough, it's truly remarkable and life changing." - Lynne, UK

Book a free clarity session with me for more details and to see if working together would be a good fit.

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